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Try out our 2 designs of Squirrel Proof Feeders

Help deter the squirrels in your garden with our best Squirrel Proof Feeders!

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Squirrel proof feeders needed!

Now we are well into Autumn and the weather is turning colder, the activity in the garden increases with visits from both welcome and not so welcome birds and mammals.  We love to see all nature in the garden, but the monopoly off one species can be problematic for other, for example too many squirrels around the garden can eat all the nuts and seeds meant to help the birds.

Squirrels are amazing creature to watch, learn more about them at the Woodland Trust.  However, as much we enjoy seeing them, they can be problematic!  One of the best ways to deter the squirrels is by using a squirrel proof feeder, and we have two great designs to help you do this.

Spring loaded Squirrel Buster squirrel proof feeders

Our fantastic range of spring loaded bird feeders from Jacobi Jayne are 100% effective at stopping the squirrels eating your birdseed, leaving it easily accessible for the birds.  This best selling squirrel proof feeder range has fantastic reviews from many of our customers and soon pays for itself in saved birdseed!

Their panted design means that birds can feed easily but squirrels can’t as their body weight pushes down the metal shroud, closing off the portholes.  The feeders are safe and humane, they wont hut the squirrels, they just shut off the food!

The range consists of four different squirrel proof feeders.  The first is the Squirrel Buster Classic, this large capacity 1.4l feeder has four, dual-level feeding ports with comfortable perches, and is suitable for use with sunflower seeds and seed blends.  The second is the squirrel buster mini, as it’s name denotes this is a smaller feeder with a 0.6 litre capacity.  It’s four easily accessible perches are all around the bottom of the feeder for accessible feeding.   The Squirrel Buster is the middle size at 0.7 litre capacity and is suitable for seed blends and sunflower seeds.

Finally, the squirrel buster peanut, which offers generous perching space for woodpeckers eating their favourite food in the garden.  These great quality bird feeders all come with a lifetime manufactures gaurantee, to offer genuine long-term peace of mind and purchasing confidence.  This patented design squirrel proof feeder is used by more than 5 million customers!

Caged squirrel proof feeders

As a cheaper alternative to the spring feeder we have a ranges of caged feeders from top quality brands Gardman and Tom Chambers.  The principle of the caged feeder is for your garden birds to be able to enter the cage, but the squirrels and larger birds can’t squeeze through!  Our Gardman heavy duty squirrel proof caged feeders come in either squirrel proof seed, squirrel proof peanut or squirrel proof fatball.

They feature a heavy duty cast cage which provides maximum resistance to squirrels and larger birds, as well as Gardman’s FeedSafe biocidal coating which kills bacteria on contact.

The seed feeder had four portholes and holds 500g of seeds.  The peanut caged feeder holds 530g of peanuts and is a mesh feeder to ensure no peanuts can be removed whole.  The fatball feeder can take up to four fatballs.  All three stand at 31cm high and have a ‘twist and lift’ mechanism – effectively locking it in position to stop squirrels prising it open. The large hanging hooks measures 17cm x 14cm.

The Tom Chambers range of caged bird feeders are a similar design, also available in seed, peanut and fatball.  The main difference in design is the lid.  The Tom Chambers feeders have a flip top lid with a magnetic fastener, which makes them very easy to open and fill.  These feeders are strong and hard wearing, and are finished in an attractive pewter colour.