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Our Family

Welcome from the Johnson family - Abigail, Fay, Phil & Sue

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Our family have farmed at Rectory Farm as tenant farmers for three generations.  We are a traditional family farm with a great appreciation for our land and all its inhabitants.   As a family farm we value our service to our customers, when phoning the farm you will always talk to a family member (please excuse the dogs barking, children shouting and general farmhouse kitchen noise!).  When visiting you can see the history of the farm in the traditional garden, and old stables which now house our farm shop, here you will be greeted by a family member and the host of farm dogs (and the garden gnomes!).

Grandad came to Rectory Farm in 1936 – a wonderful era to start farming – the country was coming out of recession and war was looming, demand for food was high.  At this time our birdseed shop was then stables for the horses at the farm, this picture shows Phil at three years old off to check the sheep with his cousins and the farm shepherd.

In Grandad’s era there was little thought of conservation, with a hungry nation food production was essential.  In 1985 Phil took the tenancy of the farm and was determined to improve the farm for birds and wildlife.  To start he planted spinneys and new hedgerows around the farm, and with his passion for conservation over the next 40 years implemented a huge range of environmental features and practices to make Rectory Farm the haven for birds and wildlife it is today.

Phil passed his passion for conservation to his daughters Abigail & Fay who run the farm today.  We continue to create new habitats at the farm, currently planting wildflower mixes and birdseed mixes for the birds and pollinating insects on the farm.