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Bird Feeder Cleaning 4 you

Keep you bird feeders clean with our bird feeder brush and bird feeder cleaning spray

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Helping you with bird feeder cleaning

We all love seeing the wild birds feed in our gardens, and we all love to see as many birds as we can.  When encouraging large flocks of birds together it is essential we keep bird feeders clean to reduce the spread of disease.  Garden birds are susceptible to a range of diseases when feeding, and it is our job to make it a safe environment for them.

Bird Feeder Hygiene Spray

Our bird feeder hygiene spray is the perfect product for keeping your bird feeders disease free.   As well as killing diseases it also kills bacteria and fungi.  This spray cleans and disinfects, and in addition to bird feeders it can be used on bird boxes, bird baths, bird tables, and anywhere which could harbour disease.  It is odourless and non toxic, and completely safe for garden birds.  It is also endorsed by the BTO, who offer great tips and advice of keeping birds safe in your garden.

Bird Feeder Cleaning Brush

Our gardman bird feeder cleaning brush is the perfect companion for our feeder spray.  The soft durable bristles to ensure a perfect clean in and around you bird feeder, reaching in the hard to get areas around portholes.  At 43cm long this brush can reach all the nocks and crannies of a large bird feeder.

Ring Pull Feeders

Complete with ingenious twist off base, our Jacobi Jayne click and ringpull feeders are brilliantly quick and easy to clean with no tools needed, therefore encouraging everyone to clean their feeders more frequently.  These high quality bird feeders are incredibly robust, offering metal ports, top and base resistant to squirrel’s, and resistance to the worst of the weather.   Each feeder includes 2 free perch ring and comes with a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Guarantee which reinforces the great quality of these feeders.  These bird feeders are available in seed, peanut and nyjer.

Prevention is better than cure

Try our Feeder Fresh granules, simply sprinkle the granules into the bottom of your bird feeder to ensure cleaner feeders and healthier birds.  The non-toxic granules absorb water to keep surrounding bird seed dry and mould free, and therefore reduces the need for frequent feeder cleaning.  The biologically inert formulation will not harm birds or natural water supplies.