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Supplementary Food for Bird Feeding

Bespoke seed mixes and straight seeds for the bird life on your farm/estate/reserve

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Supplementary feeding on your farm in late Winter and early Spring can provide a lifeline to birds, and great results have been reported by providing the right feed when natural food is scarce.
Our recipes are packed with seeds selected to attract a wide range of birds to your farm, whilst fulfilling the criteria for environmental scheme options. All our feeds are mixed on our family farm in Leicestershire using as many home grown and British seeds as possible.  As well as bird seed mixes, we also provide a large range of straight feeds to mix in with your own seeds.

Why use Eyebrook?  Ask our customers…..!

Mike Kettlewell, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire:

“Our farm, now part of the NE Cotswolds Farm Cluster has been in Stewardship schemes for 25 years and supplementary feeding birds in winter for nearly 20 years. For most of that time we have sourced straights, either direct or via the Wychwood Project, from Eyebrook Wild Bird Feeds to mix with home grown rolled barley. We feed 4 tons of mix over the 130+ days of winter with tremendous results.”


Rachel Heard, Clipston, Northamptonshire:

“We have been feeding farmland birds during the hungry gap on our grassland farm for the last 3 years with a specific mix from Eyebrook, it has been interesting to note the different birds this attracts around the farm. It is a pleasure to deal with this local family business and have the benefit of their knowledge and experience.”

Rob Squires, Ashley, Leicestershire:

“We have been supplementary feeding birds through the winter for 3 years as part of Countryside Stewardship to complement 3 acres of wild bird seed plots. We buy straight small seeds from Eyebrook Wild Bird Feeds to mix with homegrown Cereals and OSR. The advice from Eyebrook Wild Bird Seeds on which seeds would best meet the criteria for the scheme as well as provide the most benefit to our wild birds has been invaluable, also
being local we can easily collect from the farm, what we need, when we need it.”