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National Nestbox Week 2023 at Rectory Farm!

It's National Nestbox Week, see what we do here on the farm to support this great initiative

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It’s National Nestbox Week – learn about the nestboxes on the farm

Here at Rectory Farm we have nestboxes of all shapes and sizes all around the farm, specifically placed in the right habitats to encourage species from tree sparrows and finches, to falcons and  barn owls.  Nextboxes are placed with much thought to provide the ideal home where the birds feel safe from predators and have a plentiful source of food.  We have some great volunteers from organisations such as SLBW and Rockingham Forest Bird Ringers, who with their expertise, monitor these boxes for us through the season, and clean them out in winter ready for the next season of nesters.


With being an old fashioned farmyard with old buildings we get an array of bird species nesting in and around the yard.  Over the years we have had nests in the combine, sheep hurdles, trailers and last year a clutch of pied wagtails in the farm truck (which was in the workshop for far too long)!!  It is a delight to find these nests and watch the fledglings make thier way into the world and out onto the farm.


What is National Nestbox Week?

National Nestbox Week is an established part of the ornithological calendar. Celebrated from February 14th each year, it puts the spotlight on breeding birds and asks everyone to put up more nestboxes in their local area.   This event was originally started by the BTO , and has been a great success!

How Can I get Involved?

Taking part in NNBW gives you the chance to contribute and really help bird conservation, whilst giving you the enjoyment of watching the breeding birds your nest box attracts.  Everyone can take part – to support the event we have 15% off our bird, robin and sparrow colony nest boxes this week Click here to visit our nestbox page and purchase our great quality garden boxes.

By getting up your box early it will weather in and be more attractive to the birds.  Some species will already be hunting for nest sites long before this week, so the best advice is to put up your box as soon as it’s ready.   When siting your box it’s tempting to put it where you can best see it, but do think about the best location for the birds to ensure they use it!

The box needs to be high enough off the ground to avoid predators, and sighted nest to bushes or trees to provide cover and make the birds feel safe.  Ensure you point it away from prevailing weather so it’s not facing wind, rain or direct sunlight.  Also if possible locate away from feeders to ensure the nesting birds have some peace and quiet