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3 best bird feeder cleaners

The best way to keep your feeders clean with our great bird feeder cleaning products

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Our great Bird Feeder Cleaner to keep your garden safe for the birds

Prevention is always better than cure, it is essential to keep your bird feeding areas clean to stop any disease break outs.  There are some simple ways to achieve this through three great bird feeder cleaner products from Eyebrook Bird Feeds

Feeder Fresh ensures cleaner feeders and healthier birds.  The non-toxic granules absorb water to keep surrounding bird seed dry and mould free, this newly stocked product reduces the need for frequent feeder cleaning.  The biologically inert formulation will not harm birds or natural water supplies

Gardman cleaning spray  A great ready to use spray cleaner which kills bacteria, viruses and fungi to keep feeders clean.  Use with the Gardman cleaning brush for super clean feeders.  Contains cationic and anionic surfactants, 500ml.

Cleaning Brush the perfect accompaniment to the gardman feeder spray, this brush gets into every nook and cranny of your bird feeder!

Also try our fantastic quality Click and Ring-pull feeders from Jacobi Jayne to make cleaning really easy!

The next level of Ring Pull feeders from Jacobi Jayne, the Ring Pull Click feeder features chunky, long lasting metal ports and a base that clicks off instantly for easy cleaning.  The tough metal fittings resist chewing by squirrels, and this super feeder comes fully apart for deep cleaning.   These quality feeders are also backed by a Jacobi Jayne Lifetime Guarantee

For further great advice on keeping your garden safe for the birds visit the BTO website


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