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Supporting the Cirl Buntings

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Eyebrook Bird Feeds are very proud to supply supplementary bird seed to the RSPB Cirl Bunting Project in Devon and Cornwell.  The project has been running since the early 1990’s and its objective to increase the number of breeding pairs of Cirl Buntings in these counties.  The Cirl Bunting itself is a small finch like bird related to the Yellow Hammer, the male bird has a black chin, eye stripe and crown, with yellow stripes on their head and yellow underparts. The female bird and juveniles look similar to yellowhammers, but have bolder head markings and streaked grey/brown rumps.  The birds stay in the UK all year round but can only be seen on the South Coast in areas of Devon and Cornwell.


Once widespread and locally common across much of southern England, the Cirl bunting is now rare and very range restricted.  In order to help increase populations the project offers advice and support to landowners and farmers within the birds’ current range.  The farmers in the project provide the food and essential habitat for the species survival, this is where Eyebrook Bird Feeds comes in.  We support the project by providing a specialist mix for the Cirl Buntings.  The mix was designed by Nigel Hewitt who has been a long standing member of the Cirl Bunting project, and it provides all the energy and nutrients the birds need to see them through the breeding season and the harsh winter months.  The mix is broadcasted in areas where the Cirls feed and live, providing an essential food source through the hungry gap.


The project has been a great success, it’s objective was to reach 1000 breeding pairs by 2020 which was reached by 2016!  The RSPB’s vision for the future of Cirl buntings is to ensure that the population of this species will be stable or continue to increase and not be subject to significant risk. Our Cirl Bunting Mix is available to purchase online for anyone in areas near the Cirl Buntings to support the great work of the RSPB there.

Seed mix spreading by RSPB volunteer John White, part of Cirl Bunting protection, RSPB Labrador Bay nature reserve, Devon, September