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Sunflower Chips back in stock

Feed our nutritious sunflower heart chips and get the birds flocking to your garden

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Sunflower Heart Chips are Back!

We are delighted to provide chips back on the menu!  Click here to buy chips online now, all available on next working day delivery!

A great alternative to our hearts, Sunflower Heart Chips are small and broken hearts, providing just the same nutritional value and high energy content of regular hearts, but in bite sized pieces.  This feed is great for this season as the smaller chips suit the fledglings well, as well as replenishing the energy levels of the adult birds.  Like with hearts, the chips are completely hulled, therefore nothing will sprout under your feeder.

Value for money

Our chips are great value, they are cheaper than the whole hearts and available in 20kg bags (paper of course!) at just £41 including delivery.  You can make further savings by purchasing 40kg (2 x 20kg) bags for just £79 that’s £1.98/kg!  Order now and get your feeders filled and make your garden birds very happy!

Need a Feeder?

We have a range of fantastic seed feeders to fill with sunflower chips.  Visit our seed feeder pages on our website to seed a range of seed feeders, from caged feeders to 100% squirrel proof, to traditional feeders and feeders which are super easy to clean, we have them all.

Healthy Hedgehogs

Don’t forget your hedgehogs will love these too!