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On the paper trail!

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You will notice more and more of our birdseed mixes and suets are now packaged in paper sacks and cardboard boxes, rather than the plastic bags and tubs.  We will continue to move away from plastic throughout all our product lines as we continually look at where we can replace plastic products with paper ones.  We are very excited to launch our new kraft paper sacks which are produced in the UK from sustainable sources and are fully recyclable!  We encourage all customers to firstly –

  • Reduce packaging – buy your seeds in larger quantities – as well as the benefit of less packaging, it is also more cost efficient!
  • Reuse packaging – you can reuse all of our packaging in a host of ways both in the home and in the garden
  • Recycle – all our products are recyclable – recycle our packaging yourself or return all our packaging to us and we will reuse and then recycle for you!

As a nature friendly farm we are very conscious of the impact our day-to-day tasks have on the environment.  Farming and the environment go hand in hand, and it’s so important to look after both.  We are members of LEAF (Linking Environment & Farming) under which we practice integrated farm management – a whole farm business approach to deliver more sustainable farming.  It combines the best of modern technology with traditional methods to help deliver prosperous farming that enriches the environment and engages local communities.

We translate this through to our birdseed production, where we continually question our approach, systems and management to ensure we work in an environmentally friendly way.  Home grown seed is the first approach – growing seeds on the farm that move straight into our mixes – no need for plastic bagging, palletising or transport, the seeds simply travel from the fields into our mixes.  We then ensure we are purchasing seeds we can’t grow on the farm as close to home as possible, if not UK we purchase from Europe, then further afield if we have to – minimising our carbon footprint.

Any plastic we use in production is reused, for example the sheep food is bagged into an array of second hand bags and they don’t seem to mind!!  We reuse and then recycle at our local plant just 3 miles away.

Sometimes you will find plastic in our packaging – we do use plastic where essential to keep products fresh – this elongates the life of the product therefore there is less waste.  Some of our mail orders are delivered with a plastic outer to protect the products inside from damage and from the weather – please do reuse these bags and then recycle yourselves or send them back to us.

Our move away from plastic to paper is an ongoing process, we are finding it so satisfying reducing our reliance on plastic as much as possible.  Join us on our journey to continually reduce our plastic use and carbon footprint – together we can do this!


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