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Commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Dambuster Raid

The Dambusters practiced here at the Eyebrook Reservoir

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Today marks the 80th anniversary of the Dambusters raid, one of the most audacious raids in the history of the Royal Air Force.  The Eyebrook Reservoir was one of three dams used for the squadron to practice for the raid.

In late April 1943, Air Chief Marshal Sir Ralph Alexander Cochrane, GBE, KCB, AFC ‘entertained to a generous lunch the boss of Stewarts and Lloyds steelworks’ to secure permission to use the Eyebrook Reservoir to practice.   On the 3rd May the large white cricket score boards used at Wainfleet to simulate the dam’s towers, were moved to Eyebrook and the squadron began regular practice over the lake by day and night.

Our neighbour Jim, who is 96 years old, can remember walking to the top of the hill here at the farm to watch the RAF practice, enjoying watching the low flying Lancaster and the verey lights after a simulated bomb drop.  On the 14th May a full dress rehearsal was carried out with 14 aircraft ‘attacking’ the Eyebrook before flying on to Abberton Reservoir.

A plaque is displayed at the site commemorating the lake’s role in one of the most celebrated RAF actions of the Second World War.

To learn more about operation Chastise and follow the commemorative flight today visit the RAF Website

To see great views of the reservoir take a walk on our permissive footpaths which overlook the Eyebrook and Welland Valley, download a map here.  To learn a little more about the Eyebrook’s history click here.


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