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We are very excited to be involved in a C4 series Jimmy’s Big Bee Campaign, where Jimmy Doherty will be raising awareness of the plight of our bees and encouraging everyone to grow food and habitat for them. In this series, insect enthusiast Jimmy embarks on a campaign to change habits and habitats to improve the plight of Britain’s vital pollinators. Jimmy will encourage communities, farmers, supermarkets and local councils to do what they can to increase insect activity, and ultimately help sustain and increase bee, bug, and butterfly populations aiming to show what we can all do to reverse the decline of essential species.
We are so excited to be involved in a project highlighting the plight of the humble bee.

As farmers, bees are of utmost importance to us, playing a vital role on the farm as they pollinate the crops we grow. A thriving countryside and food production go hand-in-hand. Over the past 30 to 40 years, farmers have carried out a huge amount of work to encourage wildlife, enhance and protect our landscape, maintain healthy soils, and reduce their impact on the climate. Nationally farmers have planted around 10,000 football pitches of flower habitat across the country to support a healthy bee population and give them a good home. Let’s hope Jimmy can get more farmers involved!

Look out for Rectory Farm on Channel 4’s Jimmy’s Big Bee Campaign in 2020!
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