Meet the team

At Rectory Farm, home of Eyebrook Bird Feeds, we are a true family farm.  The farm is run by Phil and Sue Johnson and their daughters Abigail and Fay.  The Johnson family have farmed here as tenants since 1936 and are well established in the village and farming community.  We all share a passion for farming and conservation, and sharing the farm for everyone to enjoy.

Phil & his wife Sue

Phil was born in the farmhouse and raised on the farm with his brothers from a post war era of maximum food production.  The impact of our farming methods has always been a concern for him, and when he took the tenancy from his father, he wanted to leave the farm in a much better environmental state than when he took it.  To this end he planted hedgerows and spinneys, engaged in countryside stewardship schemes and created conservation areas, as well as joining LEAF (Linking Environment & Farming) and farming with conservation at the forefront of his mind. We feel very privileged to have been tenants at Rectory Farm and this inspires us to share the farm with others - Phil's other passion is encouraging the public onto the farm to educate on how food is produced and promote the great work British farmers do.  Over the years we have had thousands of visitors come to Rectory Farm to be educated on where their food comes from and how modern farming and the environment work together.  


 As you can imagine with the farm, birdseed, all these visitors, eight grandchildren, four dogs and an assortment of chickens, the farmhouse is an extremely lively place!  (Camera shy) Sue is another busy member of the team looking after everyone, running the birdseed shop and tending to all the animals.  She is renowned for the beautiful garden at the farm and her amazing baking, and it is from the farmhouse kitchen window where she has a great view of the range of birds visiting the garden and trying out our products.  Lookout for Sue’s rockery of gnomes when visiting the shop!     


Abigail and Fay

Sisters Abigail and Fay grew up on Rectory Farm embracing an idyllic farming childhood surrounded by fields, animals and tractors!  Through their college years they worked all holidays helping with lambing and harvesting which they both loved.  They both now work full time on the farm and run the birdseed business, both embracing their father’s passion for enhancing their beautiful farm to make it a haven for wildlife.  Both keen bird watchers and countryside fanatics, the farm is a wonderful place to work and enjoy.   

As a family farm we are able to offer a personal and friendly service, and we love meeting our customers and chatting about the birds visiting your gardens, recommending products and seeds to help create a haven for birds visiting your home.  By purchasing from us you can guarantee your seed is mixed on a traditional family farm dedicated to conservation and improving our environment for birds and wildlife.