Birds & Wildlife at Rectory Farm


Our passion for birds is evident on the farm, where over the past thirty five years we have enhanced the environment to encourage more birds and wildlife.  Hedgerow management, overwintered stubbles, supplementary feeding, grass margins and nest box’s erected are just some of the practices taken to expand the habitats here.  We work closely with the RSPB who have conducted many bird surveys to give us a great picture of the numbers and species of birds, both of which have increased over the past thirty years.  We are home to an extensive variety including lapwings, sky larks, red kites, tree sparrows and house sparrows and have seen a large increase in the brown hare population.







Simple practices around the farm can really help our birds such as ensuring a puddle in the yard for the house martins and swallows, nesting material and spinning seed cleanings on the margins for additional food in periods of harsh weather.  We farm sympathetically with the birds presenting fields with different crops next to each other, hedge trimming only in the depths of winter, cultivating late to leave the stubbles to glean, and moving to spring sowing leaving feeding and breeding habitats for the birds.